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Back Surgery

The specialist physiotherapists at Liverpool Physio regularly rehabilitate people of all ages following back surgery.

Completion of an individualised and goal orientated rehabilitation programme following surgery is extremely important to ensure you get the best results from your surgery and can resume the activities you enjoy as soon as possible.

Our patient completing her exercises following back surgery.Above: Our patient completing her exercises following back surgery.

Aims of back surgery

The specific aims of surgery depend greatly on your individual physical problem. Broadly, the aims of back surgery include:
  • Pain relief
  • Increased range of movement
  • Normalisation of sensation
  • Better daily functioning
  • Repair following a trauma
The ultimate aim of physiotherapy is to achieve your maximum function pain free.

Types of back surgery

Most forms of back pain can be resolved with nonsurgical treatments but there are certain conditions which may require surgical intervention.
There are a variety of types of back surgery including:
  • Decompression to reduce pressure on the spinal column

  • Discectomy is the removal of damaged disc to relieve nerve compression

  • Fusion of 2 or more vertebrae to stabilise the spine
  • Laminectomy is the removal of lamina to relieve nerve compression

  • Fracture fixation by use of screws or plates to achieve good alignment and stabilisation

  • Selective dorsal rhizotomy is a type of surgery used to treat Cerebral Palsy spasticity by cutting nerve fibres from the spinal cord to reduce messages from the muscle
Your surgeon will explain the surgical procedure, risks and rehabilitation expectations so that you have good understanding about what will happen and recovery.

How can physiotherapy help following back surgery?

Physiotherapy is able to promote a swift recovery following back surgery in a variety of ways. These include:
  • Maintenance of and improved spinal range of movement
  • Pain relief
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Correction of muscle imbalance
  • Prompt return to activities and sports you enjoy
  • Promotion of independence
Prior to surgery it is likely that you have been experiencing pain and reduced movement for some time, possibly months or even years causing deconditioning and muscle imbalance. It is vital to participate in a graduated rehabilitation programme to both maximise the success of your surgery and recondition the muscles involved to minimise the chance of your pain returning.

What does physiotherapy treatment involve following back surgery?

Physiotherapy treatment techniques will vary dependent upon the specific surgery you have had and also on other factors such as your age, goals and physical fitness. Your physiotherapist will ensure that the combination of techniques selected is most suited to your own individual needs and also that any rehabilitation protocols are adhered to if applicable following your surgery.

Typical physiotherapy treatments following back surgery include:
  • Manipulation of joints to encourage normal and? unrestricted movement
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises to correct muscle imbalance
  • Core strength exercises to reduce the risk of future episodes of back pain
  • Instruction and advice on correct bending and lifting techniques
  • Advice on any relevant assistive devices
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Home exercise programmes
Our motivated physiotherapists ensure that they are up to date with new research topics and use this knowledge to provide you with the best possible results to give you your confidence back following back surgery.


Back surgery can be necessary for a variety of reasons and is likely to involve not only a level of physical discomfort but also cause fear and anxiety.

Liverpool Physio can support you both physically and emotionally following back surgery as we endeavour to treat you holistically as an individual with your own hopes and goals.

Participating in a specialist and graduated rehabilitation programme with our physiotherapists following back surgery ensures that you can get back to the activities you enjoy the most as quickly as possible in a safe and supported environment.

If you would like to arrange an appointment then please contact us at or call one of our team on 0151 558 0077.

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