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Maximise performance

Massage to maximise sporting performance isn't just aimed at the elite athletes but the recreational athletes too. A massage which can help prepare and aid in the recovery process should be an essential part of a workout regime. Maximising performance actually means that the individuals are able to train more efficiently and can recover from strenuous exercise quick enough so that the same intense levels can be upheld. Injury prevention plays a big role in the use of massage to maximise performance, through the prevention of injury to the soft tissue structures, performance can be improved due to a success of ongoing intense training without the intervals of injury.

What can massage do to maximise performance?

All athletes regardless of the level are always on the lookout for an edge on their competitors. It could be within the actual event its self or the training sessions. A massage should be incorporated into every type of athletes regime either pre event or post event to gain this edge.

Research suggests that through a sports massage the athlete will experience a release of chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins which reduce pain and also the levels of delayed onset muscle soreness post event.

Maximising performance also consists of preparation for exercise and a psychological edge which helps the athlete focus at times of extreme pressure or intensity. The actual techniques used are based on reaching certain goals related to the physiological effects within the body.

Depending on what type of sport or activities that the individual may participate in, Liverpool Physio cover a wide range of massages that will be able to cater for all different aims and goals. Elite athletes may want to use a massage that stimulates the deeper soft tissue structures that need releasing whereas an avid recreational athlete may benefit from conventional massages which are aimed at gaining a therapeutic effect.

Benefits of massage for performance

Neglect on the musculoskeletal system can have an adverse effect on performance. This can contribute to declines in ability and performance which may be noticeable. A massage that stimulates the deeper structures such as sports massage and trigger point are commonly used with a great deal of success as the muscles laying deep are accessed through applied specialised techniques.

The benefits of regular massage to maximise performance include:-
  • Event preparation
  • Post event recovery
  • Improves range of movement
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improved power and performance
  • Shorten recovery time
  • Increase in nutrients and oxygen
  • Increase in blood flow

When to have a massage to maximise performance

Pre event massage is used as a form of preparation for intense activity before events. Massage is applied to enhance the circulation and reduce the tension within the muscles but also the mind too. It also improves the pliability of the muscles, enabling the performer to maximise their performance. Post massage is directed at using the massage techniques to increase the recovery time and decrease muscular spasm that may occur due to extensive overload of the muscles. Post event massages aims is to enhance the body's own recovery system so that the individual can return to a high level of personal training and competition with a reduction of risk of injury.


Massage by nature is intended to have a positive effect on the body despite of its massage category. A massage that invigorates the musculoskeletal system should be part of any sporting regime as it could be the difference in maximising performance or being injured. Occasionally there is a fine line between elite performance and injury as the body is put through intense stress and strain, so with the use of massage incorporated into a schedule it can make all the difference.

How to book and appointment

If you have any questions regarding how massage can maximise your performance then please email us on or call 0151 558 0077.

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