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Remedial massage

What is remedial massage?

Remedial massage is a modality of therapeutic massage with the intent on manipulating a specific area rather than a holistic therapeutic form of treatment. The aim of remedial massage is to manipulate the deeper structures of soft and connective tissues of the human body.

This actual use of massage has effects on the healing process at a cellular level as the techniques are intended to stimulate the properties that are related to the physiology of healing.

Remedial massage is a type of deep massage that aims to stimulate the healing process but also the deeper layers of connective tissues that may become painful due to repetitive movements in everyday life or through a sporting activity. One of the main aims of remedial massage is to regenerate the tissues and increase the blood flow to an injured area.

Who can Remedial Massage help?

Remedial massage is not just aimed directly at any type of population such as sports enthusiasts. Anyone that suffers with any type of muscular discomfort throughout the day or even night time may benefit. With the added stresses of everyday demands on the musculoskeletal system, remedial massage aims are more specific to the region of the body that is causing the actual issue rather than a holistic approach and targeting the whole body. The specialists at Liverpool Physio will be able to pin point the actual issue that maybe causing the underlying issue with their knowledge and experience of the musculoskeletal system.

Remedial massage focused on the hamstring musclesAbove: Remedial massage focused on the hamstring muscles

Remedial massage can help the following:-

What are the benefits of remedial massage?

There are many benefits to remedial massage, similar to other types of massage but remedial differs in that it concentrates on the area which best needs manipulating and treating.

The benefits of Remedial massage:-
  • Improves circulation / blood flow
  • Increase in lymphatic flow to effected area
  • Relieve tension and built up stress
  • Increase inflammation
  • Reduce tension
  • Aid in recovery process
  • Better state of health
  • Increase rang of movement
  • Increase mobility within joints
  • Overall improvement of immune system
  • Injury prevention

How Remedial massage works at Liverpool Physio

The specialists at Liverpool Physio are fully equipped with the expertise to treat all conditions relating to the treatment technique of remedial massage.

Remedial massage is a hands on treatment technique that is used by the specialist to pin point the underlying issue and the exact area in order to provide treatment. It is a deep type of massage targeting the deeper structures rather than the superficial muscles like typical massage.

The effects of remedial massage with Liverpool Physio are seen instantly through an increase in circulation to the area being treated, this is done with a number of techniques in order to increase the lymphatic flow to the area which can have a therapeutic effect and reduce inflammation and aid the recovery process. This can reduce pain, relieve stress and tension built up in the tissues improving the tone of the muscles.

The longer effects of remedial massage are that it can increase overall circulation; restore equilibrium within the body's physiological functions. Lesions on connective tissue structures can be realigned and regenerated to decrease the amount of stiffness felt. It can also give an overall relief of tension and stress accumulated throughout strenuous activities and days.

Trigger point techniques maybe used to extract the tension and pain from the area. Trigger point is a technique used by the specialists at Liverpool Physio. A trigger point is a point within the muscle that is in a state of contraction built up by stress and maybe due to bad posture. The trigger point techniques used are to release the state of contraction in order for the muscle to relax, this can lead to a relief in pain.


Remedial massage is a deeper type of massage that aims to manipulate the affected area and restore a balance within the body's structures in order for the individual to lead a fully active life without the strains and pains of everyday life or previous injuries.

How to book an appointment

For further information on remedial massage or to book an appointment with one of the specialist, email us on or call 0151 558 0077.

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