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Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is extremely common but is also extremely frustrating as it can affect most day to day activities and sports.

The ankle must support the weight of the body when stood still and during motion. As the ankle joint is so complex with a number of bones, ligaments and muscles in a small area, injuries can result in a lot of pain and difficulty carrying out functional activities.

Our physiotherapists at Liverpool Physio are specialists at assessing and treating ankle pain holistically in order to promote a swift and complete recovery.

What causes ankle pain?

There are many possible causes of ankle pain; trauma, instability and biomechanics being the main ones.

Common causes of ankle pain are:

What should I do if I have ankle pain?

If you are experiencing ankle pain it is of benefit to be seen by a physiotherapist as soon as possible in order to prevent the pain from becoming chronic.

Early intervention enables a faster rehabilitation and encourages the tissues within the ankle to recover to a high level ensuring that you can return to sports and other activities promptly.

Our physiotherapists are experts at treating ankle pain in all of its forms.

Friction massage applied to the inferior peroneal retinaculum ligament.Above: Friction massage applied to the inferior peroneal retinaculum ligament.

What would physiotherapy assessment for ankle pain involve?

A physiotherapy assessment will be carried out at your first appointment in order for your physiotherapist to diagnose your condition and work out an effective treatment plan taking into account your own personal goals and requirements.

The assessment comprises of both a subjective and objective session.
  • The subjective assessment enables your physiotherapist to chat through your symptoms with you, in particular when they started, how much pain you experience, what helps or aggravates your pain and how it's affecting your day to day activities.

  • The objective, or physical, assessment is where your ankle will be examined to look at muscle strength, ankle range of movement, balance and possibly sensation and reflexes. As the ankle and foot are closely linked your foot may be examined along with areas higher up the leg such as the calf and knee. Functional activities will also be assessed such as walking, jumping and one legged stands.
If you are experiencing pain during functional activities such as running it can sometimes be helpful to bring your running shoes along so that the physiotherapist can see if they are suitable for your requirements.

Once the assessment is complete you will be given a diagnosis, prognosis for recovery and possible treatment techniques will be explained.

What would physiotherapy treatment for ankle pain involve?

Physiotherapy intervention for ankle pain involves a combination of treatment techniques designed to suit you. Physiotherapy aims are to reduce pain, increase range of movement, increase balance and promote a swift return to your chosen sports and hobbies.

Common treatments for ankle pain include:
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Balance exercises
  • Deep tissue frictions
  • Massage
  • Joint mobilisations
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Ice and heat therapy

Passive stretch of the achilles tendon performed by specialist therapistAbove: Passive stretch of the achilles tendon performed by specialist therapist

We are also able to make recommendations for footwear modification and can refer you to an orthotist if we believe the biomechanics of your foot to be the cause of your problem.

Any rehabilitation programme developed will take into account your own personal goals and the activities that you wish to return to whether this is competitive sport or walking comfortably.

How can I arrange a physiotherapy assessment for ankle pain?

If ankle pain is affecting you in any way you will benefit from an assessment with a physiotherapist.

In order to arrange an appointment or for more information, please email us at or call today on 0151 558 0077.


Ankle pain is an extremely common injury that can be caused by many factors. Our specialist physiotherapists have extensive experience in treating and rehabilitating ankle injuries back to pre-injury level. Various treatment techniques will be utilised by our physiotherapists ensuring you gain the most out of your physiotherapy session.

To arrange an appointment at Liverpool Physio then you can contact us at or phone us on 0151 558 0077.

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