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Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can be extremely debilitating and affect many daily activities such as lifting, shopping, dressing, and driving amongst other tasks.

Elbow pain is commonly treated by the physiotherapy team at Liverpool Physio. Injuries to this area respond very well to physiotherapy intervention and early treatment is beneficial to prevent pain becoming chronic.

What causes elbow pain?

The elbow joint is a fairly simple joint compared to others in the body but there are a number of conditions which may cause pain around the elbow. Pain in or around the elbow can be caused by a number of structures including the muscles and ligaments, nervous tissue, degeneration within the joint and due to trauma or specific pathologies.

Common conditions include:

What should I do if I have elbow pain?

If you are experiencing elbow pain it is important to ensure that you seek help as quickly as possible in order to prevent your pain becoming chronic.

Whether your pain has been evident for days, months or even years it is of benefit to seek physiotherapy treatment as we are experts at treating all types of elbow pain.

What would a physiotherapy assessment for elbow pain involve?

A full assessment of your elbow is imperative not only to provide your physiotherapist with the information they need to effectively treat your pain but also to put your mind at rest by providing you with a diagnosis and prognosis.

A physiotherapy assessment involves both a subjective and objective assessment.
  • Subjective assessment. Your physiotherapist will spend time talking to you to gain information about when your pain began, your symptoms and how they are affecting you and your leisure and work activities.

  • Objective or physical assessment will typically look at your muscle strength, elbow range of movement, reflexes and sensation and will also include some special tests. It may also be necessary to examine the joints adjacent to your elbow such as the shoulder, neck and wrist to ensure that your pain is not being referred from elsewhere.

Assessment for common conditions which affect the wrist and elbowAbove: Assessment for common conditions which affect the wrist and elbow

What would physiotherapy treatment for elbow pain involve?

Following your assessment and diagnosis, a treatment plan will be devised and implemented straight away in order to begin your recovery.

A typical treatment plan may involve: Treatment provided for elbow pain is dependent on the specific diagnosis but will generally aim to reduce your pain, increase your range of movement, increase your day to day function and promote a quick return to sports and other activities.

Our aim is to return you back to your functioning prior to the onset of your elbow pain as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How can I arrange a physiotherapy assessment for elbow pain?

If you are experiencing elbow pain you will benefit from seeing one of our specialist physiotherapists.

In order to arrange an appointment please either email us at or call on 0151 558 0077.


Elbow pain can affect your day to day activities and can become very debilitating. Early physiotherapy intervention is vital in ensuring the problem doesn't become chronic (long term). Elbow pain may be due to trauma, musculoskeletal pathology or degeneration within the joint itself. Whatever its cause, physiotherapy is an excellent form of treatment to get you back to normal daily function pain free.

To arrange a physiotherapy assessment for your elbow pain you can call 0151 558 0077 or e-mail

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