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Knee Pain

Knee pain can be an extremely debilitating symptom and can cause problems with many aspects of daily life such as sitting, driving, walking, sleeping and using the stairs. Knee pain is also a common problem within sports as a result of injury or the repeated pressure exerted through the joint.

Our expert physiotherapists at Liverpool Physio successfully treat all forms of knee pain on a regular basis in order to improve your functional ability and, in some cases, aid return to sports.

Effective treatment to ensure you get back on trackAbove: Effective treatment to ensure you get back on track

What causes knee pain?

There are a number of causes of knee pain. Causes can be separated into a number of categories including muscular, ligamentous, meniscal, biomechanical and degenerative. In many instances these categories may interlink meaning that an issue with one area can cause consequent problems elsewhere if not treated correctly, hence the importance of seeking specialist assessment as soon as possible.

Knee pain can be caused by any of the following:

What should I do if I have knee pain?

If you have knee pain we would recommend that you seek physiotherapy assessment as soon as possible in order to prevent your pain from becoming chronic.

It is known that when an injury occurs to a joint, the muscles that stabilise it may switch off as part of a protective mechanism, however in some instances they can be difficult to reactivate. If these muscles do not switch on again to the same extent that they did prior to the injury it can cause an element of instability within your knee which can lead to further pain and weakness. It is therefore beneficial to seek professional help as quickly as possible.

The physiotherapists at Liverpool Physio are specialists at treating all types of knee pain quickly and effectively in order to ensure your prompt return to sports and other activities.

What would physiotherapy assessment for knee pain involve?

Your initial appointment will begin with an assessment which comprises of two parts; subjective and objective assessments.
  • The subjective assessment allows you time to describe your pain, symptoms and functional problems in order for your physiotherapist to both understand you, your condition and your goals.

  • The objective assessment is the chance for your physiotherapist to assess you physically. Objective assessments of the knee will normally look at your muscle strength, knee range of movement, swelling and may also include functional tests. Due to the number of different structures within the knee which may be the cause of pain, your physiotherapist is able to use certain special tests to differentiate between these during your assessment to ensure that any treatment programme is as specific as possible.
The purpose of a physiotherapy assessment for knee pain is to provide your physiotherapist with all the information they need to make a diagnosis but it is also important for you as the patient to put your mind at rest by providing you with a prognosis and treatment plan to suit your own personal needs.

Being in pain or experiencing muscle weakness can be alarming when you?re unsure what?s wrong with you. Our experienced practitioners have all the skills required to diagnose, reassure you and treat your problem effectively.

What would physiotherapy treatment for knee pain involve?

Common physiotherapy treatment techniques for knee pain include: Physiotherapy treatment techniques are carefully selected following the assessment process and subsequent diagnosis taking into account your level of pain, associated disabilities and your personal functional goals.

Our physiotherapists may also take advantage of a variety of equipment at our clinic including weights, wobble board, treadmill, static bike, therabands and trampette in order to maximise your recovery.

The aims of physiotherapy treatment are generally to reduce pain, increase joint range of movement and ensure a swift return to sports and other activities.

Our physiotherapist assesing a client for knee pain.Above: Our physiotherapist assesing a client for knee pain.

How can I arrange a physiotherapy assessment for knee pain?

If you are experiencing pain in or around your knee you will benefit from an assessment with one of our experienced physiotherapists.

In order to arrange an appointment email us at or call our team on 0151 558 0077.


The knee joint is an extremely mobile and functional joint used repeatedly every day for activities such as walking, standing and running. When there is pain within the knee joint your activity can become limited and difficult. Various physiotherapy treatments are available to aid the healing process and help you return to normal activities.?

For a physiotherapy assessment for your knee pain call us on 0151 558 0077 to book.

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